Hiring a Home Inspector in Metro Detroit

Hiring a Home Inspector in Metro Detroit

Hire Home Inspection Contract - Metro Detroit, MIFinding a Home Inspector can be a complicated task for those who are new to the market and actively looking for Home Inspection Companies in their respective areas.?? So one might ask; How do I find a good Home Inspector? In the steps below are some great steps to follow for Homebuyers looking to hire a professional while in the midst of making their Home Transaction.

How long do I have to have my House Inspected’

In Michigan, Real Estate transactions typically allow the purchaser a 5-10 day grace period to hire a Home Inspector. This gives the buyer enough time to do their due diligence on Home Inspection Companies in the area of the property they are going to be buying, Make assessment calls to each company to see if they are a good fit for them and schedule the inspection.

Hiring the right Home Inspector

Choosing the right Home Inspector is vital for the Homebuyer. To be sure that you and the Home Inspection Company are a great fit you should do your due diligence prior to making the call to hire such as; Looking at the company profile, understanding what the company offers with their home inspection package, and seeing what other clients had to say about the company. Ensure that you and the inspector are on the same page for things like the time and date of the Home Inspection, correct contact information such as phone number and email address allowing contact in case any changes need to be made, and??any fees and contracts that need to be sent and signed.

Having the Home Inspection

Once you have hired the Home Inspection Company it is now time to have the Home inspector come out and complete the inspection. Both parties should arrive at the property at least a half hour early to open the property for access and to start the initial exterior inspection of the home. The home Inspection process typically takes anywhere from an hour and thirty minutes to three hours, sometimes even more given the size of each property along with other components within the house.

Getting the Home Inspection Report

Once the Home Inspection is done it is now time for the Home inspector to send over the report to you. This process typically ranges from a few hours up to 24 hours. Each company has different rules and regulations for their company and how they send the report. Some companies provide the report at the property once everything is done giving you and your realtor an advantage to now look through the report, ask questions and present any repairs to the seller’s agent. Other companies ask for some time to send the report over to you, allowing them to look over the report, fix any errors and fill in anything they may not have had the chance to fill in due to other components taking more of their time. Now that you have the report, it is now time to continue on with your transaction. Good Luck!

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