Mold Removal and Inspection in Macomb County

Mold Removal and Inspection in Macomb County

Macomb County Mold Testing for Black Mold AspergillusMold can be one of the scariest hidden dangers in your home. Many homeowners don’t realize that they have a mold problem until they aren’t feeling well, or until they start seeing the signs in corners, on their ceiling or in bathrooms. Before you hire a company to do mold removal in your home, it’s important to have your home inspected for mold. Michigan Quality Inspection Services not only provides quality home inspections, but we can also inspect your home for dangerous mold.

Inspection Before Mold Removal

Like an iceberg, many times, the mold that you can see is only the surface of the problem. Mold can build up for years and years behind your walls. This mold is known to cause a variety of health issues, so it’s important that before you hire a mold removal company, you have a thorough inspection of your home by a certified mold inspection company. Often times, a mold removal company is more interested in the work to get mold out, and may not do a good inspection of your home. It is always good to have a separate set of eyes looking at the mold problem in your home. Michigan Quality Inspection Services can work directly with your mold removal company to ensure that all mold is found and that the source of the problem is resolved.

Inspection After Mold Removal

Once your mold removal company is done with removing the mold from your home, and before they start repairing walls, ceiling and floors, have a final mold inspection to ensure that your mold removal company has found and eliminated any problem areas. Michigan Quality Inspection Services can provide a follow-up inspection after your mold removal company has completed removing mold from your home. This final inspection gives you peace of mind that you won’t have spots of mold creeping back into your home, and that source of moisture that is causing the leak, whether it be a leaking pipe, a poorly ventilated bathroom or other plumbing damage, is properly repaired. Our highly trained and certified Macomb County home inspectors will be able to objectively inspect your home and confirm that mold removal is complete or that there is still work to be done.

A Second Set of Eyes

No matter how good your mold removal company is, getting a second opinion on mold removal and repair work is a great idea. Because mold can make a home unlivable, you should always make sure that your mold removal company gets rid of the whole problem, the first time. Michigan Quality Inspection Services can provide additional testing resources for homeowners prior to mold removal services, ensuring the problems is resolved the right way, the first time.

Know Before You Buy

You never want to buy a home that has a mold problem. Mold removal is a costly undertaking, so knowing before you buy can save you money and headaches in the long run. Michigan Quality Inspection Services can include a mold inspection as part of your home purchase inspection, ensuring that you aren’t taking on big hidden problems.

I Need the Best Mold Inspection Company in Macomb County, MI!

Before you buy a new home in Macomb County or hire a mold removal company, hire Michigan Quality Inspection Services to inspect your home for mold. We provide results right away, so there is no waiting and wondering. And our competitive home inspection pricing means that no matter your inspection needs, you’ll receive a quality, affordable home inspection. Use our online contact form or call us today at (248) 219-0990 to schedule your mold inspection in Macomb County.

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