What You Need to Know About Hiring a Home Inspector in Macomb County

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Macomb County Home Inspector

Hire Macomb County Home InspectorUnexpected home repair costs can be costly and can wreak havoc on your family’s comfort. However, most homeowners in Macomb County are unprepared or unaware of potential problems that may be present in their home. That is where hiring a local home inspector can help. A quality home inspector can come to your home in Macomb County, evaluate all of your home’s systems and features, and give you a heads up about existing problems or potential problems with your home. A home inspector can give you piece of mind that your home is in good shape and the risk of unexpected repairs is minimal.

General Home Inspections

Michigan Quality Inspection Services can provide you with a general home inspection. During this routine evaluation, our certified home inspector will take a close look at your home’s interior and exterior, including appliances, plumbing and mechanical systems to ensure that your home is safe, free of defects and costly repair items. At Michigan Quality Inspection Service your home inspector will check the following areas:

  • Plumbing – Your water supply and distribution system is important, and keeps your family safe and healthy. Your home inspector will look for damages to supply and waste lines including looking for cross connections.
  • Electrical – Your home inspector will observe your service and grounding equipment and check voltage ratings.
  • Basement and Crawlspace – This part of your house is often forgotten in home inspections. Our certified home inspector will make sure that your basement features are functioning properly and look for structural issues.
  • Attic and Roof – Another, frequently forgotten space in your home is your attic. Your home inspector will look for leaks, pest damage, and examine the roofing materials.
  • HVAC Systems – This is one of the costliest repairs for homeowners. A complete inspection of your homes HVAC systems is important for keeping your home safe and comfortable
  • Insulation and Ventilation – Making sure that your home’s ventilation and insulation is another important part of a home inspection. Your home inspector will observe the insulation and ventilation systems in both your attic and around your foundation.

Hiring the Right Home Inspector

You have plenty of choices for home inspectors in the Macomb County and the southeast Michigan area. However, not all home inspection companies are the same. Your home inspector from Michigan Quality Inspection Services is trained and certified by either the InterNACHI or ASHI, nationwide home inspector organizations. Each home inspector will provide you with an honest and complete inspection of your home and a detailed report of their findings. You can rest assured that you will receive an unbiased evaluation of the good, the bad, and the ugly in your home.

Fair Pricing

Hiring a home inspector in Macomb County shouldn’t cost you a ton of money. For most homes in Macomb County, a quality home inspection should only cost a few hundred dollars. Your home inspector should provide a quote of their services beforehand, and your price should also include the detailed home inspection report. Many home inspection companies price their service based on the square footage of your home. Ask your home inspector how they price before you hire.

I Want The Best Local Home Inspector Near Me!

Michigan Quality Inspection Services is a locally owned business, proud to help Macomb County and southeast Michigan homeowners keep their homes in great condition. If you need a quality, certified home inspection, call us today at (248) 219-0990.

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