Commercial Inspection

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Commercial Inspection Services

We know how important your investments are to you. To control your financial risks, you need to have your commercial properties fully inspected. We will evaluate your property and give you a complete analysis. From business units to multi-family residential properties, we can help you protect your assets. Our inspectors are extremely responsive and very comprehensive with their inspections.

  • Full Assessments
    We cover a number of property types’from small to mid-sized offices, warehouses, and retail outlets.
  • Complete Reports
    We will give you a cost estimate of major issues and full site examination reports.
  • Consultations Included
    Our inspectors will let you know what requires immediate attention and how to find other experts.
  • Protecting Your #1
    No surprises. Just honest business professionals looking out for your own business.
  • All Clients Welcome
    You don’t need to be a business owner. We help tenants, insurance companies and even banks.
  • High Standards
    We follow ASTM’s professional standards, customizable to your needs.
  • Full Findings
    We cover everything. From the roof to the parking and ground areas.
Commercial Inspection Services - Michigan
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