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Michigan Mold Testing Services

Catch mold before it spreads!  Mold testing is for mold that hasn’t been found yet, which is the case for many homes suffering from unseen mold issues. Mold inspections should be conducted by trained professionals. Over-the-counter and do-it-yourself mold tests can’t be trusted. Call an expert that knows how to take mold samples and interpret the results correctly. We can detect problems related to mold that aren’t apparent to those without trained eyes.

  • Peace of Mind
    If your family has been unexplainably sick lately, check mold off of your list of reasons.
  • Immediate Results
    There’s no waiting period after we do our check. You will be alerted ASAP of any issues.
  • Double Check Removal Work
    If you’ve had mold removed already, we can come in and re-inspect to make sure it’s all gone.
  • Provide Air Quality Tests
    Our air and surface mold tests can detect a wide variety of mold types’including black mold.
  • Critical When Buying a New Home
    Don’t take on other people’s headaches. Do proper inspections before buying a new house.
  • Unbiased Testing and Inspections
    We don’t remove mold as a service, so our reports are free from conflict of interest.
  • Crucial Water Testing
    If you’ve had a recent water or plumbing leak, you’re at high-risk for mold.
  • Tips to Save Your Health
    Our professionals will train you on the ways to spot mold, and how to prevent it.

Pricing for Mold Testing Services

Other Testing ServicesWith InspectionW/O Inspection
Mold Swap (each)$135.00$160.00
Mold Air Testing (each)$225.00$225.00
Septic - Open Tank, Comprehensive Testing$150.00$200.00
Sewer Camera Inspection$195.00$245.00
Well Inspection$35.00$75.00
Basic Water Testing
(4 tests) Total Coliform Bacteria, E-coli Bacteria, Nitrates, Nitrites
Comprehensive Water Testing
(8 tests) Total Coliform Bacteria, E-coli Bacteria, Nitrates, Nitrites, Arsenic, Lead, Sodium, Hardness
Mold Testing - Michigan
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