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Michigan Pest Inspection Services

Prevent huge disasters with a Pest Inspection! Your home may already be under attack from annoying insects and other pests. It’s important to not just spot a problem but to find the source of the problem. We’ll find active tubes in places you can’t or don’t wish to go into. It’s important to do this inspection annually, as pests can easily come and go, and those left to their own free will can cause some serious damage to your home. We can do the unwanted job of finding them.

  • Save You Money
    Untreated pest issues can cause some major repairs to the foundation of your home.
  • Test Soil
    Our soil treatment tunneling tests can find termites even from a distance.
  • Check For Bed Bugs
    If you’re looking for bed bugs, you need to check from top to bottom because they can spread easily. We’re thorough.
  • Check for Damaged Vents and Shingles
    Damaged vents and shingles can be more than a sign of a fixer upper, they can be an indicator of raccoon presence in the home.
  • Find Damage and Rodent Nesting Areas
    Don’t rely on conventional methods of finding a rat infestation. We check walls, cupboards, and other areas for signs of damage and nesting material.
  • Determine the Severity of the Infestation
    Many pests are nocturnal, like roaches. You may not have located them all. We’ll find places you can’t.
  • Spot Usual Signs of Different Infestations
    We can locate and determine the different types of pest droppings and damage to your home.
  • Find Pest Breeding Spots
    We will help you locate the main source.

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